Smart Extraction

The Solid-Liquid-Oil (SLO) Cooker is much more than a solvent extraction system; it is a first-of-its-kind Full Spectrum Plant Processor. The patent-pending technology used in the Full Spectrum Plant Processor employs a fully adjustable method for producing full-spectrum extract concentrates utilizing a Broad-Spectrum (3D) Solvent System™ to implement synchronous broad-spectrum liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extractions, cryogenic phase and polarity switching crystallization, (autogenously created) carbonic acid-assisted extraction and decarboxylation, and extract concentrate preservation.  The technology produces full-spectrum extracts for novel commercial products and R&D.

Precision Cleaning

The PowerSnoTM All-in-One Universal CO2 Spray Treatment System is an economical yet extremely versatile and powerful precision cleaning tool.  Using the latest CO2 Composite Spray™ technology, the PowerSnoTM generates an energetic cleaning spray comprising pressure-regulated clean dry air (CDA) containing micronized CO2 particles to efficiently remove contaminants from any manufactured surface or manufacturing tool.  The PowerSnoTM provides a robust and 100% dry surface cleaning capability – On-the-Bench, On-the-Line, On-the-Robot, or In-the-Tool.

The PowerSnoTM provides selective precision cleaning for a variety of manufacturing processes such as mechanical assembly, machining, grinding, sanding, polishing, adhesive bonding, welding, coating, and inspection, among many others.  Contamination such as oily films, ionic residues, loose oxides, polishing residues, fingerprints, nonvolatile residue (NVR), and heat are efficiently removed from surfaces.




Outsourcing precision parts cleaning and cleanliness validation testing is a very smart way to lower labor and capital costs, particularly for small batches of precision parts that require selective cleaning or surface treatment.  For example, contract services are a very good option for specialized cleaning of components such as pressure gauges used in high pressure oxygen systems or components such as silicone-insulated electronic cables used in clean or vacuum environments. Our Rent2Clean™ cleaning equipment rental program is a very smart way to develop proprietary cleaning processes in-house, satisfy short-term or small-batch parts cleaning needs, or to trial test advanced COComposite Spray™ cleaning, atmospheric plasma treatment, and non-contact surface quality monitoring technology before buying.