Smart Extraction

SLO Cooker OPEN vessel

The SLO Cooker™ solid-liquid oil extraction system is available as licensable CO2 extraction technology or as an engineered-to-order and fabricated system.  Engineered-to-order systems employ one or more proprietary or patents-pending aspects of our Smart Extraction™ technology platform.  The SLO Cooker uses only safe, preferably natural, and non-toxic green chemistry.  Carbon dioxide is used as the primary solvent in the SLO Cooker and is a recycled by-product of industrial processes such as fermentation.  Fermented ethanol is used as a secondary co-extraction solvent and is derived from naturally fermented or distilled alcoholic beverages.  Moreover, reusable food grade cheesecloth extraction bags are used to contain natural product for maximum cleanliness and extraction efficiency.  As a result, SLO Cooker™ extracts are 100% natural and unadulterated by toxic residues, suitable as clean label additives.  Finally, we offer the FloraSPEC™ analytical chemical system for monitoring the SLO Cooker extraction process in real-time.

Our Smart Extraction products are Organic, Chemist Crafted + CO2 Extracted™. Our team of certified specialists are here to help, contact us today!

Precision Cleaning


The PowerSno Universal CO2 Cleaning System is an economical yet extremely versatile clean manufacturing solution for precision cleaning, cooling, and lubrication applications.  Using the latest CO2 Composite Spray™ technology, the PowerSno generates and propels an energetic air-CO2 particle spray comprising pressure- and temperature-regulated compressed air, nitrogen gas, or clean dry air (CDA) containing adjustable amounts of micronized CO2 particles to efficiently remove contaminants from any manufactured surface or manufacturing tool.  The PowerSno provides robust single-step and 100% dry treatment process capabilities – On-the-BenchOn-the-LineOn-the-Robot, or In-the-Tool.



Outsourcing precision parts cleaning and cleanliness validation testing is a very smart way to lower labor and capital costs, particularly for small batches of precision parts that require selective cleaning or surface treatment.  For example, contract services are a very good option for specialized cleaning of components such as pressure gauges used in high pressure oxygen systems or components such as silicone-insulated electronic cables used in clean or vacuum environments. Our Rent2Clean™ cleaning equipment rental program is a very smart way to develop proprietary cleaning processes in-house, satisfy short-term or small-batch parts cleaning needs, or to trial test advanced COComposite Spray™ cleaning, atmospheric plasma treatment, and non-contact surface quality monitoring technology before buying.