Our laboratory services provide initial sample testing and analysis before rentals/purchases are recommended. We develop precision cleaning test plans that consider all aspects of contamination control technology. Our premier CO2 technologies include CO2 Composite Spray™, Centrifugal CO2™ Immersion, CO2 Pellet Blasting, Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment and Microabrasive Surface Treatment. Environmental control and ionization may also be recommended with our green manufacturing equipment.


Rent2Clean. Our rental services allow customers to try our technology before purchasing a machine. We offer 1-3 month rental trial periods. Since renting is meant for trial testing, rentals are manual benchtop units. If the customer is looking for more capacity, we offer for purchase automated systems.

Our rental equipment includes: • CO2 Composite Spray Cleaning Systems • CO2 Composite Spray Cooling Systems • Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Systems • CO2 Pellet Blasting Systems


SnoPen 941 CO2 Composite Spray System

We provide comprehensive technical services for developing and implementing effective clean manufacturing programs. We provide the creative aspects such as assessment, analysis, brainstorming and process (product) ideation, as well as the practical aspects such as design, reduction to practice, and testing new methods, processes and apparatuses. Our creativity, experience and capabilities are broad-based and provide numerous innovation opportunities.


Clean Imagineering™ is a developer and value added reseller of lean and green (clean) manufacturing solutions utilizing unique combinations of state-of-the-art CO2 based cleaning, oxygenated machining fluid, non-contact inspection, robotic automation, and 3D printing technologies. We bridge the technology, knowledge, creativity, and implementation gaps between the clean manufacturing technology suppliers and the end-user (you)! Our applications engineers and OEMs work with your team to develop and implement clean manufacturing solutions tailored to your specific needs. We provide turn-key process development and customized equipment designs – including 3D design and printing, robotic automation and implementation, lab testing, contract cleaning, and short-term equipment rental services for on-site process development.

Together, we implement transformational ideas and state-of-the-art clean manufacturing technology to reduce or eliminate various forms of manufacturing waste present in your production operations. Clean Imagineering is the hub for all CO2 technical services. The services we offer are a gateway into purchasing higher capacity systems from our partner CleanLogix. If your company is new to CO2 technology or would like to conduct trial testing before purchasing, then our services are for you. Sample testing, contract cleaning, rentals and benchtop systems all provide the ability to qualify CO2 technology before you buy.

Clean Imagineering partners with various original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to connect CO2 technology with other technologies that pair well together to solve contamination, surface preparation application challenges. Some of our current OEM partners include: CleanLogix, Reliabotics, PET, Plasmatreat and OZ Optics. Each one of these companies have a need for precision cleaning that can add value to their existing technological portfolio.