PowerSno™ VP systems incorporate patented Vector Pro™ CO2 Composite Spray™ technology which provides unsurpassed spray stability, economy, and performance.  These systems can provide precision cleaning capability at multiple points in the factory, in one or more manufacturing processes and tools, or directly on the production line.

PowerSno™ VP is simple.  A single remote control effort turns the CO2 cleaning spray on (and off) when so commanded.

PowerSno™ VP is smart. The system utilizes exclusive LightSPEC™ spray quality monitoring technology to continuously (or intermittently) determine that the CO2 Composite Sprays (and System) are operating and under control.

PowerSno™ VP is highly stable and reliable.  The standard system ships with factory-optimized internal operating presets for propellant gas temperature, CO2 particle injection rate, and health condition alarms.

PowerSno™ VP is highly flexible.  PowerSno™ VP is available as an integrated system for single or close-proximity machine tool-line adaptations and as a distributed system for high capacity, remote and multiple machine tool-line adaptations.