Laser Cutting Residues

Substrate: Flexible Electronic Substrates

Contamination Challenge: A Laser-based cutting process produces a conductive carbonaceous soot on the polymeric surfaces along the Laser cut pattern which must be removed prior to next steps in the device fabrication process. The soot is a potential cause of electrical shorts and interferes with subsequent electroplating operations.


Robotic CO2 Composite Spray™ cleaning process and system.

  • Benchtop Cartesian robot
  • Robot has an end-of-arm spray tool (EOAT ) comprising a single CO2 composite spray applicator
  • Cleaning cell with a local exhaust system
  1. 100% dry processing – Dry-In/Dry-Out
  2. Selective cleaning (contaminated Laser cutout pattern)
  3. Low operational cost
  4. Minimal labor input