We offer a complete line of standard and custom process fluid management systems for various process fluids: compressed air, oxygen (O2), and carbon dioxide (CO2).  Systems include:

  • Compressed Air Treatment Trains (Clean Dry Air (CDA))
  • Clean Oxygen Pressure Boost and Test Systems
  • CleanLogix PurCO2™ CO2 Purification, Delivery, and Recycling Systems
  • Gas Booster Systems
  • PLC Automation and Smart Fluids Analysis (PID, LIF)
  • Gas Leak Detection Monitors

We offer both manually-controlled and fully-automated systems. Automated systems employ electronic sensors and PLC to provide trouble-free operation. Various sensors monitor conditions such as fluid inlet and boost outlet pressures, and fluid quality measurements necessary for proper system operation and cycle-timers for scheduling preventive maintenance (PM).

High pressure process fluid delivery systems are designed, fabricated and tested in compliance with ASME B-31 Standards of Pressure Piping.  Storage vessels are fabricated and certified to ASME Section VII, Division 1 and 3.  Systems are available with different capacities, purity levels, pressures, temperatures, and phases (i.e., purified e liquefied CO2).  Finally, we utilize advanced fluid treatment technologies such as phase change, multi-media filtration, and ultrafiltration, and advanced on-line fluid quality monitoring technology such as photoionization and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Clean Imagineering Process Fluids Management