Technical Services

We provide comprehensive technical services for developing and implementing cost- and performance-effective clean manufacturing programs.  We provide the creative aspects such as assessment, analysis, brainstorming and process (product) ideation, as well as the practical aspects such as design, reduction to practice, and testing new methods, processes and apparatuses.  Our creativity, experience and capabilities are broad-based and provide numerous innovation opportunities.

Our technical experience and services include:

  • CO2 Cleaning and Cooling Process Development and Validation
  • Clean-Build Protocol Design and Implementation
  • Automated Process Development
  • Collaborative Robot Automated Cell Design and Fabrication
  • 3D Design and Printing Services
  • DIY Clean Solution Development

Clean Process Development Services

We offer rental equipment for on-site trial testing as well as laboratory testing, contract services, and cleaning process development services.  We use best practices for optimum product and process design, development, and testing process.  We utilize the latest engineering design software as well as advanced rapid manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing technology.  We also provide PLC system, panel, and software design, as well as small form-factor collaborative robot automation and clean mini-environment integration.

We also provide a unique and collaborative do-it-yourself (DIY) service for developing your own precision cleaning, minimum quantity cooling-lubrication, and CO2-Air process fluids management systems.

1.We ideate and design the clean manufacturing system, software, and accessories.

2.You select or approve a preferred contract manufacturer or build-it-yourself.

3.We work with your approved contract manufacturer to get the integrated system built, including delivery of our clean manufacturing products – CleanLogix PowerSno™ and PurCO2™ systems.

4.We develop operations manual and training material content.

Clean Imagineering Technical Services