Microscopic Particles

Substrate: Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Motor Base Assembly (MBA)

Contamination Challenge: During HDD component rework and precision assembly operations, microscopic particles must be removed from surfaces and threaded features of a motor base assembly (MBA) with ferrofluidic spindle motor in place to meet a stringent particle cleanliness specification. Ferrofluidic spindle motor seals cannot be chemically or physically damaged during the cleaning process. Each cleaning cell must be capable of processing multiple types of rework parts with a capacity of between 500 and 2,000 parts per hour (PPH), depending upon the size, volume, and complexity of a particular HDD component.


Robotic CO2 Composite Spray™ cleaning process and system.

  • Dual SCARA spray cleaning robots positioned within a carousel-style transporter for processing a rack of parts, providing simultaneous inside and outside surface cleaning
  • Each robot has an end-of-arm spray tool (EOAT ) comprising multiple CO2 composite spray applicators
  • Customized parts fixtures accommodate multiple rows of rework components
  • Specialized protective masks built into the parts rack in combination with robot programming provide required spray cleaning paths while protecting sensitive spindle motor seals
  • Fully-Automated Class 100 Vulcon Ice™ cleaning system with vertical push-pull ionized HEPA shower and exhaust system
  1. 100% dry processing – Dry-In/Dry-Out
  2. High volume capacity
  3. Selective cleaning (threaded holes) and bulk cleaning (all surfaces)
  4. Multi-Pass spray cleaning process – gross and precision cleaning steps to meet increasing particle cleanliness specs
  5. Operational Cost Less than Aqueous Cleaning
  6. Less Cleanroom Floor space than Aqueous Cleaning