Smart Extraction

We design and manufacture static (small-scale production) and dynamic (large-scale  production) natural product and plant-based extraction systems with capacities ranging from 1 to 150 liters. Our open- and closed-loop smart extraction systems are fully-customizable and operate using three solvent extraction schemes: Liquid CO2, Cold Ethanol, and hybrid Ethanol-CO2 extraction. Our ASME-certified and standardized liquid CO2 equipment designs are based on more than 30 years of commercial cleaning equipment development for precision parts used in high-reliability and high-value manufactured products.  Today, we offer this industry-proven green chemistry CO2 technology, as well as our latest cold CO2-expanded Ethanol extraction process (C-BEE-D™), for the natural products extraction markets and applications.

Dynamic extraction systems provide the following standard features:

  • Centrifugal Extraction or Cold Bubble Ethanol Extraction and Distillation (C-BEE-D™) Processes
  • Liquid CO2, Ethanol, and CO2-Ethanol Extraction Solvent Schemes
  • Top-loading Basket Centrifuge with a Manual or Automatic Closure
  • CryoSEP™ CO2-Ethanol-Extract Recovery and Recycling Module
  • PLC and Graphical User Interface
  • FloraSPEC™ Extraction Process Monitoring System

During Centrifugal CO2 processing using for example a hybrid CO2-Ethanol solvent extraction scheme, natural products are first extracted using a CO2-expanded Ethanol solvent prewash.  Following this, a quick wash-rinse with liquid CO2 recovers residual Ethanol-extracts from the natural products.  The CryoSEP™ CO2-Solvent-Extract Recovery and Recycling Module separates and recovers the valuable extracts and recovers the CO2 and/or Ethanol solvents for reuse.  Finally, our exclusive FloraSPEC™ Extraction Process Monitoring System is used to optimize, monitor, and automatically control the extraction process in real time.

All of our Smart Extraction products are Organic, Chemist Crafted + CO2 Extracted™. Our team of certified specialists are here to help, contact us today!