The global medical device manufacturing market is segmented as respiratory devices, cardiology devices, orthopedic devices, diagnostic imaging devices, endoscopy devices, ophthalmology devices, among many other adjunct devices. The trend toward custom-adapted medical devices is driven by an aging and generally unhealthy global population.  However, custom-adapted design solutions present new material and process challenges. Custom-adapted medical devices such as orthopedic implants requires innovations in design, materials science, and advanced manufacturing technology, for example new Three-dimensional (3D) printing methods and materials. 3D printing is becoming a booming technology to fabricate scaffolds, orthoses, and prosthetic devices for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and rehabilitation for patients with disabling neurological diseases (such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries). The opportunity is to produce 3D printed devices that provide patient-specific designs, high structural complexity, and rapid on-demand fabrication at a low-cost.  Moreover, biocompatible polymers, ceramics, and metals such as titanium are needed to fabricate these devices.  All these developments drive the need for advanced precision cleaning, surface preparation, machining, and automated assembly technology.

Our advanced CO2 clean manufacturing technology and products improve aerospace product manufacturing sustainability and profitability, and include highly adaptive solutions for precision cleaning, cooling-lubrication, and surface modification.  Our clean manufacturing solutions address advanced material and process (M&P) challenges during machining, bonding, coating, welding, and assembly, among many other manufacturing and assembly operations, constrained by microscopic particles and surface residues, machining friction and heat, or surface energy.  Superhard metals such as titanium, performance plastics, ceramics, and composites can be processed more effectively and efficiently using our surface treatment technology and products.