The electronics sector produces electronic equipment and consumer electronics and manufactures electrical components for a variety of products. Common items in the electronics sector include mobile devices, televisions, and circuit boards. Industries within the electronics sector include telecommunications, networking, electronic components, industrial electronics, and consumer electronics.  Prominent in this sector is semiconductor and microelectronics device manufacturing. Semiconductor and Microelectronic components are used in various devices such as digital cameras, sensors, photonic devices, mass data storage devices, medical devices, automobiles, personal computers, IoT devices, and others that play a vital role in the modern lifestyle of humans.

Our advanced CO2 clean manufacturing technology and products improve electronic product manufacturing sustainability and profitability and include highly adaptive solutions for precision cleaning and surface modification.  Our clean manufacturing solutions address advanced material and process (M&P) challenges during adhesive bonding, coating, wire bonding, die attachment, lens cover attachment, and precision assembly, among many other manufacturing and assembly operations, constrained by microscopic particles and surface residues, or low surface energy.  Dissimilar materials, performance plastics, composites, and complex microelectronic devices can be processed more effectively, efficiently, and selectively using our surface treatment technology and products.