Clean Manufacturing, Reimagined

Whatever you manufacture, whether it is a precision medical device or a natural product, consumes time, energy, labor, space, and materials.  Used inappropriately, any one of these “manufacturing wastes” wastes cash – your profits. Clean manufacturing technology decreases or eliminates both lean and green wastes from your production line. Clean Imagineering specializes in providing exclusive clean manufacturing solutions for the bench, floor, and manufacturing tools for a wide range of industries and applications, and for small to medium production.

We offer surface treatment products utilizing state-of-the-art surface treatment processes such as CO2 composite spray and atmospheric plasma.  We also offer bio-based metalworking fluids (MWF) for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), non-contact optically stimulated electron emission (OSEE) surface quality inspection systems, and Universal Robot (UR) collaborative automation systems.  Moreover, we offer clean manufacturing products for process fluids management, natural product (value) extractions, and smart manufacturing.  These products include supercritical and centrifugal liquid CO2 extraction systems, patent-pending Cold Bubble Ethanol Extraction and Distillation (C-BEE-D™) micro-extraction system, and proprietary quality control systems for monitoring solvent-extract fluids in real-time.

We work with your team to develop and implement cost- and performance-effective clean manufacturing solutions tailored to your specific application needs. We provide turn-key process development and customized equipment designs.  We also provide a range of support services including 3D accessory product design and printing, lab testing and surface analysis, contract cleaning and extraction, and short-term equipment rentals for on-site process development.

Knowledge, Experience and Creativity

We provide expert knowledge, experience and creativity.  We employ CO2 technology and other advanced technologies to transform your manufacturing operations and production line in unique ways – a process we call Clean Imagineering.  Clean Imagineering is the application of an integrated and expert clean manufacturing knowledge that provides a framework for developing and implementing effective clean manufacturing solutions that enable the production of reliable, complex hardware while reducing production costs.  Our experience and knowledge includes:

  • Advanced CO2 technology – precision cleaning, value extraction, and drying.
  • Machining process optimization – dry/near-dry cooling-lubrication technology.
  • Turn-key CO2 precision cleaning system design and manufacture.
  • Contamination Control technical support services – build-clean and packaging.
  • Manufacturing waste minimization assessments and waste reduction program implementation.
  • Advanced metrology – Optically Stimulated Electron Emission (OSEE) and Light Induced Fluorescence (LIF).
  • Collaborative robot-based process automation.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment – pH control, water recycling and reuse.
Smart Extraction

For 35 years we have been in the extraction business. We have experience in many different types of green chemistry extraction work. To learn more, please download our CO2 Compatibility in 3D Presentation.

We are in the business of helping you grow! We offer many ways to expand your natural product extraction business using liquid and supercritical CO2 technology.

All of our Smart Extraction products are Organic, Chemist Crafted + CO2 Extracted™. Our team of certified specialists are here to help, contact us today!

Coming Soon 2021

Knowledge, Experience and Creativity

Manufacturing waste is generally thought of as any resource used in a production process that does not go out as part of the product and costs money to get rid of it.  In an era of intense global competitiveness with unbalanced labor costs, managers must have effective strategies and tools for eliminating various manufacturing waste in their operations to improve business profitability.   To support this effort, we provide the following clean manufacturing strategies and tools:

  • Cleaner and greener manufacturing technology to eliminate or reduce environmental waste.
  • Flexible automation, modular and clustered assembly operations (cells) to reduce operational waste.
  • More adaptable and flexible production tools and methodologies to improve efficiency and productivity in low volume-high mix-high value production.
  • Advanced dry cleaning and machining technology for improved quality and reliability imposed by advanced materials, manufacturing methods and processes, and applications.

Smart manufacturing is a strategic asset for growth: increasing the flexibility of production, lowering the cost of products, and improving environmental sustainability.  Smart manufacturing integrates all aspects of manufacturing – information, technology, and human creativity – to bring about a rapid revolution in the development and application of manufacturing intelligence to every aspect of business.

Our modular and fully-customizable PowerSnoUniversal CO2 Spray Treatment System by CleanLogix is an example of smart manufacturing technology.   LightSPEC CO2 spray quality monitoring technology used with a proprietary SprayLOGIX digital dashboard continuously monitors and reports the health of the entire spray system – from the CO2 supply tank to the production tool.  This information can be exchanged between factory workers and tools, and is available for network data collection and management programs.  All of our innovative products and services help companies build their products with minimal manufacturing waste and maximum profitability.

Clean Imagineering Testing Collage