Inspection & Testing


– Photometric spray analysis technology for measuring CO2 Composite Spray™ plume physical characterization (Geo) and complementary, spectrophotometric system for chemical analysis (Pro). – LightSPEC™ Geo are longitudinal and cross-sectional CO2 particle density distributions, plume shape analysis, and the visualization of plume phase transitions (solid-to-gas) from nozzle exit to spray termination point. – Spray analysis is carried out on arbitrary spray profiles providing geometrical spray data of single and multiple spray plumes. – A particular spray plume geometry is correlated to a particular spray composition – spray pressure, propellant temperature, particle injection rate and particle size – and it is used to maintain a certain spray composition in real-time or to change dynamically based upon an external input such as substrate surface temperature measured using an IR sensor. – Exemplary U.S. Patent Nos. 5,725,154, 6,979,362, 7,451,941, 7,901,540, 8,021,489 and Patents-Pending.

LightSPEC three images that show the spray shoots into laser, real time spray monitor on control panel

Optically Stimulated Electron Emission (OSEE)™

– SQM 200 or SQM 300 Detect absence/presence of invisible/clear thin films or coatings or lubricants on virtually any surface. -Monitor relative thickness of very thin films or coatings or lubricants both off-line and on-line. – Establish a quantitative measure of the level of cleanliness achieved by the current cleaning process. – Compliments our CO2 Composite Spray™ cleaning for the bench. Inspect surface cleanliness before and after cleaning. LightSPEC™ can also be added as an accessory to any SQM unit. Clean Imagineering is a value-added reseller for Photo Emission Technologies (PET)

PET SQM200 OSEE System set-up
PET SQM300 OSEE System set-up to computer

Drop Shape Analysis

– Drop shape analysis (DSA) is an image analysis method for determining the contact angle from the shadow image of a sessile drop and the surface tension or interfacial tension from the shadow image of a pendant drop. – A drop is metered onto a solid sample (sessile drop) or is located at the tip of a needle (pendant drop). – An image of the drop is recorded with the help of a camera and transferred to the drop shape analysis software. – A contour recognition is initially carried out based on a grey-scale analysis of the image. – In the second step, a geometrical model describing the drop shape is fitted to the contour.

Drop Shape Technology
Drop Shape Analysis

Maximator™ Booster Systems

– Maximator™ Air Driven Gas Boosters are suitable for the oil free compression and testing of both gas and air. – Air driven gas pressure boosters are an excellent alternative to electrically driven systems as they can be used in explosion proof areas and with hazardous gases. – Maximator™ Gas Booster Pumps are most commonly used with industrial gases such as argon, air, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, natural gas, nitrogen and xenon. Industrial gases  can be compressed to pressures as high as 36,000 psi unlike oxygen which for safety reasons should not exceed a pressure of 5,000 psi. Clean Imagineering is a value-added reseller for High Pressure Technologies (HPT)

Maximator™ CO2 Booster Systems side view
Maximator™ CO2 Booster Systems front view
Close up Maximator™ CO2 Booster Systems front view