Technical Sales

Our comprehensive consultative sales approach results in the implementation of cost- and performance-effective clean manufacturing solutions for the bench, floor and on-the-move. First – we provide the creative aspects such as assessment, analysis, and process (and product solution) ideation. Second – we provide the practical aspects such as design of experiments, reduction to practice, and testing new methods and processes using our exclusive clean manufacturing products. If we don’t have an adaptable off-the-shelf product solution, we can design and develop a clean manufacturing solution tailored to your unique requirements. Finally – our creativity, experience and capabilities are broad-based and provide numerous innovation opportunities, including new intellectual property development.


Our products and services include:

  • Manufacturing waste minimization assessments
  • CO2 process development and validation
  • CO2 product adaptation and custom product development
  • Clean fluids supply – system specification and supply
  • Custom spray applicator, fixture design and fabrication
  • Benchtop robotic automation
  • Non-contact surface inspection
  • Assembly process tool integration (dispenser, laser, etc.)
  • Equipment rentals
  • Contract cleaning services
  • 3D printing services
  • Provisional patent application preparation services