Machining Products

OzoKool™ Tunable MQL Systems

– Adjustable CO2 Composite Spray™ machining fluids for minimum quantity cooling-lubrication (MQL).
– Exemplary U.S. Patent Nos. 5,725,154, 6,979,362, 7,451,941, 8,021,489, and Patents-Pending.
– Precision cools and lubricates with sublimating CO2 particles (cold air) and ionized lubricating fluids.
– Acculube® MQL injection system and bio-based lubricant chemistries.
– Longer tool life, increased machining speeds and feeds, and better surface finishes.
– Triox™ oxygenated machining fluids technology (option).
– LightSPEC™ photometric system and software option for monitoring and controlling CO2 Composite Spray dynamics.
– Vector Pro™ Proactive Spray Technology.

OzoKool CO2 Machining Pnuematic System

Acculube® MQL Pumps and Fluids

– Acculube® Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Systems for the OzoKool™ system.
– Precision oil metering pumps and reservoirs.
– Acculube® vegetable-based fluids.
– Industry-leading vegetable-based, biodegradable lubricants.
– For ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum and titanium.
– Fluids compatible with Triox™ oxygenation technology.
– CO2 cleanable and rinsable.
– Numerous applicator, pump, and fluid options.

Acculube LB-2000 for CO2 Machining
MQL pump for CO2 Machining