A Cleaner Future

We have developed numerous innovative clean manufacturing processes and products to address a variety of production cleaning and machining problems for high-tech and high-reliability product manufacturers. Exemplary inventions described below were specifically developed to address product quality issues while providing superior lean and green operational benefits.

Centrifugal CO2™ Immersion Cleaning Technology

We have developed top-loading centrifugal liquid and supercritical CO2 systems for cleaning or extracting metallic, polymeric, ceramic and glass substrates to meet a variety of cleanliness requirements. Processes employ liquid, supercritical fluid and plasma CO2 phases, as well as combinations of same. Companies use this technology because of its large process window, bulk processing capability, and superior operating economy and cleaning performance.

KinetX_Immersion Cleaning

Robotic Composite CO2 Spray™ Cleaning Technology

We have developed (robot) automated CO2 composite spray cleaning and assembly systems for high capacity and selective precision cleaning applications. Robotic clean-assembly cells may contain one or more value-add processes such as bonding, coating, soldering, joining, inspection, and many other possible processes. Companies use this technology because of its large capacity, selectivity and process adaptability, superior cleaning quality and consistency, and low cost-per-clean.


Mobile Precision Cleaning Technology

We have developed mobile precision cleaning systems for cleaning production support tooling, fixtures, molds and other stationary support equipment used in cleanroom production operations. The systems utilize a non-contact CO2 composite spray with vacuum extraction for selectively removing built-up residues from critical surfaces. Companies use this technology because it eliminates the need to disassemble, re-locate, precision clean, re-install and re-calibrate production support equipment.

Mobi System Complete Mar 2013

Oxygenated Machining Fluid Technology

We have developed oxygenated machining fluid technology utilizes a composite stream of solid carbon dioxide particles, air and trace oxygenated lubricants (optional) as a dry/near-dry machining coolant-lubricant spray to replace flooded coolants. CO2 machining technology is useful for a variety of difficult machining operations including turning, drilling and milling of CFRP and other hard-to-machine materials. Companies use the technology because it eliminates wasteful coolants and improves machining productivity and surface finishes.